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Parenting Coordination

May & Associates Therapy Center is excited to announce we are now offering Parent Coordination. Parent Coordination is designed to help resolve disputes between separated or divorced parents when it comes to issues regarding their children. Perri May, LMFT, PC and Jessie Gogg, LCSW, PC have completed the North Carolina mandated 24-hour training required to become a court appointed parenting coordinator and we are pleased to offer this service to our community to decrease conflict in children’s lives. Parenting coordinators can help parents draw up or modify parenting plans, aid in monitoring adherence to parenting plans and help both parents understand their child’s needs. Parenting coordination has been found to be far more effective in the long term than, ongoing litigation and is less burdensome, both financially and emotionally.

For more information, please call the office and set up a brief phone consultation with Perri or Jessie.

Parent Coordination is a non-confidential, child centered process for conflicted divorced and divorcing parents. It is the only effective intervention that can minimize parental conflict, reduce stress on children and interrupt the revolving door of contempt action.

Parenting Coordination (PC) is a form of dispute resolution for parents in which mediation would be inappropriate or ineffective due to high levels of conflict. Through education, mediation, and case management, the family’s progress is monitored to ensure that parents are fulfilling their obligations to their child while complying with the court’s recommendation. The PC may be appointed pre or post-divorce.

With prior approval of the parties and the court, the (PC) may make temporary decisions, within the scope of the court order or appointment contract, to help parents who have demonstrated an inability or unwillingness to make parenting decisions on their own. The role of the PC is outlined by the authority granted in the appointment document such as a consent order or the stipulation of the parties.

Parenting Coordinators assist parents to establish and maintain a co-parenting relationship by reducing parental conflict and the risk factors that influence a child’s post – divorce adjustment. The overall emphasis is to offer children the opportunity to grow up in a home environment free from the devastating stress of being caught in the middle of parental conflict.

Unlike co-parenting counseling, Parenting Coordination is a non-confidential process. As a result, parenting coordinators document parental behaviors and compliance with court orders. This is usually done through memos and, if necessary, by testimony to the court. The parenting coordinator may share their concerns regarding each parent and make recommendations regarding unresolved issues. However, a PC may not make a recommendation on custody.

P.C. Benefits the Family by:

  • Reducing the child’s stress and loyalty binds
  • Reducing emotional and financial cost of continued and financial cost of continued conflict and court intervention
  • Creating effective communication protocol for the parents
  • Monitoring compliance of each parent and their behaviors
  • Resolving claims regarding parental allegations
  • Teaching parents anger management, communication and conflict resolution skills
  • Providing a neutral who can take action on the day-to-day child rearing issues/conflict
  • Helping parents to resolve loop holes in their parenting plan
  • Providing the court a comprehensive picture of the family “in action” byway of court testimony if subpoenaed
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